Winter Activities in Aspen

Snowshoeing in Aspen provides a way to explore the surrounding mountain scenery in the unique peace and quiet that comes with experiencing nature up close without a lot of equipment or people nearby.

Many different companies offer snowshoe tours in Aspen, giving you a full range of routes and locations to choose from, including Aspen Alpine Guides, Ute Mountaineer and Sun Dog Athletics. These tours of the backcountry lead into areas like Snowmass Village and Hunter Creek.

Each of these companies provides tours at different levels of intensity to match your skill level, whether you’re out for a workout or an easygoing day of sightseeing. A few of the longer trips also come with lunches, so you can enjoy a full day exploring the many great Aspen snowshoeing trails available.

ACES —the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies—also offers its own half-day tour, taking groups into the Castle Creek Valley and the historic ghost town of Ashcroft. These feature a special focus on understanding the surrounding environment—their naturalist guides are there to share knowledge on subjects like animal tracking and bird watching—and a lunch at Pine Creek Cookhouse!

Don’t forget: if you feel like making (and breaking) your own trail, places like Ute Mountaineer make it easy for you to rent snowshoes in Aspen and go exploring wherever suits your fancy.

Take a look at the many options and make snowshoeing part of the Aspen winter activities lineup for your next stay!

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