Mountain Biking

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Aspen is a road and mountain biker’s haven! For starters, the nearby ski resort becomes an epic variety of trails for you to explore and lifts that take you to them. All kinds of terrain can be found here, from technical jumps and ramps to long single-track routes and more relaxed cruises. Over 50 miles of terrain are accessible, while the resort also offers bike clinics and guided tours to enhance your experience. Rentals are also available.

The mountain itself is just one area for mountain biking Aspen provides, although you can get to many others from it: after renting a bike from their Four-Mountain Sports store, you could take the Rio Grande Trail and get a bus back from Woody Creek Tavern, ride to Snowmass Village on the Elk Creek Trail or take a road ride to Maroon Bells, some of the most-photographed mountains in North America!

Other Aspen mountain bike rides include the Rio Grande Trail, which follows the old Denver & Rio Grande Railroad line for part of the way. Sunnyside Trail, Bush Creek/Government Trail and Smuggler Mountain Road are also popular suggestions.

The roads of Aspen also provide some wonderful scenery and alpine routes to explore. Some of the easier routes, like Owl Creek Road, can take you all the way from its intersection with Highway 82 through to Snowmass. At 6.9 miles, this takes about an hour by bike and isn’t extremely difficult. Other routes from the summit of Independence Pass, to the ghost town of Ashcroft and to the Maroon Bells Mountains, are more difficult.

We hope you mountain or road rides become one of your favorite Aspen summer activities during your next stay.

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